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Oh hey. Welcome back. Last year I put up this website kinda late, but thanks to all you mustache creepers, we managed to turn my zero shitty dollars into 500 not-so-shitty dollars.

Not bad. Not bad.

This year, I’m starting a bit earlier and I’m letting all the hairs go. Since I haven’t been bitten by any werewolves or overdosed on any ‘T Gel’ or whatever, my shitty mustache will be as shitty as it was last year, but with an additional chin merkin.

More Time + more hair = more donations?

Anyway. Have at it. Roll over my shitty mustache and watch it grow, millimeter by millimeter. Or. Whatever’s smaller than a millimeter. Millimillimeter? Whatever. It’s gonna grow hella slow, is my point. Stop by every day, or once a week. There might be a difference. There might not. Who knows. Either way, you get a laugh, and this good cause gets a few bucks.

Point. Laugh. Share. Whatever.
Just don’t forget to donate. 

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